Man accused of groping Dubai metro cleaner


By Eman Al Baik

A mechanic allegedly touched a woman cleaner’s breast twice in a lift in the Rashidiya metro station and claimed that he had only put his hand on her shoulder while apologising for accidently hitting her leg, the Dubai Criminal Court heard.

1At around 9.30pm on June 8, DS, 23, Nepali, was cleaning the metro station’s ground floor when SK approached her and asked her how to go to Jebel Ali station.

“I told him he had to go to the upper floor. He then asked me if I am Nepali and I answered yes. He then asked for my mobile phone number. I replied that I don’t have a mobile number.

“When I finished work on the ground floor, I entered the lift. Suddenly the same man got in. I pressed the second floor button and stood on the right side while the man was on the left side. He then came towards me suddently so I quickly moved to the other side. More info