Mandatory tests for Dubai vehicles in major crashes



Motorists will have to get their vehicles re-tested following accidents to ensure their roadworthiness under strict new rules by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Image Credit: Gulf News Archives An accident on Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (left) and (top right) mechanics repair a car in a workshop in Dubai. The new initiative of retesting will ensure roadworthiness of vehicles after accidents to ensure road safety. However, not all accident vehicles will have to be retested. Pictures for illustrative purposes only.

The rules are part of the new vehicle maintenance and inspection regime, termed Centralised Inspection (CIS), that RTA is currently putting in place.

Under the existing system, vehicles involved in accidents — either minor or major — are allowed back on roads after completion of the necessary repair, without any test of the vehicle’s road worthiness.

“Ensuring roadworthiness of vehicles is important to ensure road safety. Right now we only do annual inspection, which is enough under normal circumstances. But, when a car meets with an accident, there is a big impact on every part of it, which could be catastrophic if the accident is major. Even after repairs, things may not be up to the factory standards, so a test is a must to ensure the vehicle is safe for the motorist as well as for other road users,” said Ahmad Hashem Behroozian, CEO of RTA’s Licensing Agency.

He said the mandatory test will also add value tthe motorist’s expenses and ensure fair play. More info