MEED Insight Launches MENA Rail 2013 Report



The current decade will be known as the golden years of rail in the Middle East if the huge pipeline of planned rail projects in the region comes to fruition. With more than $200bn worth of mainline, metro and tram projects either planned or under way, the region from Morocco to Iran is going through an unprecedented rail construction boom.

Details of the projects, which range from the region’s first high-speed network in Morocco to one of the most ambitious metro projects in the world in Qatar, are outlined in the MENA Rail 2013 report, the latest report by MEED Insight, the analysis and consulting arm of MEED.

Covering more than 110 pages, this report is an essential read for any company looking to be involved in this fastest-growing sector. The report lays out the overarching strategies behind the massive investment planned and provides details of the key projects in each country, along with contact information for the principal clients.

“After years in which rail was a largely forgotten sector, the states of the region are simultaneously going through a massive rail building programme,” says Ed James, Head of MEED Insight. “There are currently more than $200bn worth of mainline, LRT, metro, monorail and tram schemes planned or under way in the Middle East. Based on the current pipeline of projects, we forecast that more than $20bn-worth of rail contracts are expected to be awarded in 2013, with a similar amount likely due to be awarded in 2014.”

The Mena Rail 2013 report also analyses the challenges facing the rail sector and the financing methods being used for rail projects across the region. There are the immediate questions of political stability and access to finance, and then the formidable technical challenges. But while some of the region’s rail ambitions might remain unfulfilled as a result, others are gaining momentum.

“Projects in Qatar and Saudi Arabia in particular are expected to see some significant progress in 2013. There is over $44bn alone worth of rail projects planned or under way in Saudi Arabia, such as the Riyadh metro and Landbridge schemes, and $36.8bn in Qatar, which is focusing on its metro and mainline passenger networks.” says James.

This report is an essential guide for anyone looking to get involved in this fastest growing sector. It will help you to identify key trends and future opportunities. It also highlights the key companies and clients by ranking the top firms. More info