MENA Center for Transport Excellence holds variety of outstanding events in 2014



The MENA Center for Transport Excellence has organized a variety of outstanding events including training courses and workshops that covered various mass transit issues, not only in the region but also all over the world.

Abdul Aziz Malik, Chairman of the Supreme Committee of MENA Center for Transport Excellence, said that the Center made a remarkable success in 2014 not only in training courses, but also in statistical projects, in addition to conducting Public Transport Leaders’ Preparation Course in collaboration with the World Bank.

“We, in MENA Centre for Transport Excellence, are keen on delivering diverse training courses & workshops that serve the needs of officials and employees involved in public transport sector and fit well with the plans, strategies and projects undertaken. The Center also holds training courses & workshops about excellence in providing mass transit services,” he said.

“The Center also participates in training sessions conducted by entities responsible for regulating and operating the transport sector in the MENA region, including a training course organized by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) on how to organize and establish a mass transport authority in the State of Kuwait.

“In collaboration with the World Bank, the Center also organized Grooming Leaders of Urban Transport Planning Forum. The 7-day Forum was hosted by the RTA in the middle of last year and sponsored by some of the world’s prominent institutions including the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), and the Korean Green Growth Trust Fund (KGGTF) for Green Growth and Consultancy Facilities for Infrastructure in Public and Private Sectors. The event saw a large participation of entities concerned with planning and urban transport not only from MENA Region but also from all corners of the globe,” added Malik.

The Chairman of the Supreme Committee of MENA Center for Transport Excellence noted: “the RTA attaches considerable attention to the Center by providing every support & assistance, and whatever it takes to bring success to activities, events, plans and strategies of the Center aimed at disseminating and consolidating the culture of excellence in the public transport sector. Our participation in training courses has brought about tangible positive effects. The MENA Center for Transport Excellence is always keen on keeping pace with the latest developments in mass transport and introducing modern strategies applicable in regulating & establishing of entities entrusted with the establishing & regulating public transport operators in modern cities worldwide.”

The MENA Centre for Transport Excellence participated in other training courses in 2014 including courses focusing on the public transport fundamentals and development programs in this sector. These events and activities were organized in Kuwait, Paris, Brussels, Abu Dhabi, Manama and Jeddah.

The RTA has established the MENA Centre for Transport Excellence in collaboration with the UITP, and held the MENA Public Transport Congress and Exhibition.

The initiative of establishing a permanent center and organizing the congress & exhibition has rendered Dubai a hub for professional researches and the exchange of field knowledge. The initiative enabled the development of real-time applications to ensure better mobility for people and contributed to providing a healthy living environment.

The core initiatives adopted by the Center include establishing a host of channels for organizing transportation and sharing experiences, preparing reports about mobility policies in MENA, and delivering training courses to help employees in the transport sector. More info