Mercury hits 64°C ‘on asphalt surfaces’ in UAE

It was only yesterday that a video of a man cooking an egg on the road under the Dubai sun surfaced.

Mercury hits 64°C 'on asphalt surfaces' in UAE

Temperatures of 50°C are passé. UAE has been facing sweltering heat over the past few weeks, and the temperature has been constantly hovering around the 50°C level, though many of us are tempted to believe that the mercury level is actually much higher.

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Now, this has been confirmed by the Sharjah Centre for Space and Astronomy Sciences, that temperature in the country actually went as high as 64°C on asphalt surfaces, and 58°C on dust surfaces.

According to the deputy director of the institute, the temperature was the highest in the UAE and the entire Arab peninsula, except the south parts like Zhafar, Aseer, and Yemen, as of July 1, and shall remain the same until the midst of August, said a report in the Al Khaleej newspaper.

It was only yesterday that a video of a man cooking an egg on the road under the Dubai sun surfaced. More info 

By web report Khaleej Times