Metro 'does not go to Jebel Ali station'…


By Majorie van Leijen

Jebel Ali is ‘no longer the final destination’ of Dubai Metro on the Red Line, as the name of this station is now UAE Exchange.

2The Metro will continue to operate along its usual route, including the last station on the Red Line.

However, as this station was recently renamed to UAE Exchange, the direction of the Metro on the Red Line was changed as well.

Thus, the announcement that ‘the train to Jebel Ali station has arrived on Jebel Ali platform’ has become ‘train to UAE Exchange is on the UAE Exchange platform’.

The change is also reflected on platforms, interactive screens, route maps apart from the announcements at stations.

Although the name of the station was changed in June, the change in the name of the direction was not made until last week.

“When I heard the announcement this morning, I realised something has changed. I looked back and saw that all the banners had been changed, too” said Payal Sharma, 24, an Indian commuter who travels by Metro daily. More info