Metro grows in step with Dubai



Even since the Dubai Metro became part of the essential fabric of the city on 09/09/09, officials at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) have made every effort to ensure it meets passengers’ needs. Gradually, in an effective and cohesive manner, the officials opened up the stations, making sure the feeder bus network grew along service demands.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

Extended running times and more trains have also been introduced.

But the service is hugely popular. During peak periopds it’s difficult to get on board a train as the city comes and goes from business to home.

Now, in light of this, the RTA is introducing even more trains. At present, 22 trains service the Red Line. Soon there will be 27, cutting waiting times and making life easier for all.

This dedication to service is a hallmark of the RTA. It’s one of the reasons why its slogan, ‘My Metro’, is so apt.