Metro JV demobs plant as project nears end


    A significant number of cranes and machinery have been put up for sale, as the Dubai Metro project nears completion. While much of the equipment onsite belongs to third party contractors, a great deal of it is owned by the group’s own plant department.

    One careful owner, ripper never used...
    One careful owner, ripper never used...

    Plant manager Graham Larkin said; “At the movement some of the equipment from the Red Line is being de-mobbed – and some of the generators are being taken out.”

    He admitted that at this stage there isn’t much, but over the coming months more and more equipment will be put up for sale, auctioned or moved on to other projects.

    “We’ve investigated various means of disposal, though selling direct is a bit of a problem at the moment.”

    “So auction is probably the way to go,” added Larkin. “We actually went to an auction and made a note of the prices, and we think we’ll get a good amount for them there.”

    There will be 350 or more large items being released between now and next year, including 53 mobile cranes and two Caterpillar D8 ‘dozers, which Larkin claims have never used their rippers.

    The Metro Red Line is set to open on September 9, with the Blue Line set to follow after. It will be the world’s longest driverless system.

    by Greg Whitaker