Metro marvels

By Mir Imran Hussain
For sure 09.09.09 was a day in the UAE history, which will go down as a day that changed the outlook of public transport in Dubai. For many days and months before the scheduled opening of the Dubai Metro, Curiosity was built amongst residents as to how the Metro would look, how will it be to commute on a driverless train, how faster would it be to reach work and so on.
Dubai metro
Dubai metro

Once the Metro was inaugurated and it began plying from one corner of the emirate to another that is when people realised what they were waiting for. Undoubtedly, Metro has become a moving landmark of Dubai and a technological marvel.

As good as Metro looks from outside, it is that much comfortable from within — the seating is comfortable and so is the overall ambience within the train and inside the Metro station premise. One feels so comfortable I’m sure a few commuters must have gone fast asleep and missed to get down to their desired station.

The seating preference to women and elderly persons is commendable. When travelling in Metro, it is an awesome sight to see the skyscrapers of Dubai, disciplined and free-flowing traffic, busy streets and many more, all these are a blissful sight to the eye from a moving Metro.

All the Metro stations are under the careful eye of security personnel. Smartly dressed customer service staff makes sure that everything is in place. The customer service staff and security personnel are always ready with a smile to assist you and guide you the right way in and out of Metro. In this entire process, Metro has generated many jobs in different areas right from maintenance to Security and IT. Metro has beyond doubt made commuters life easy and economical.

With Metro connecting malls and major landmarks of the emirate, it is for sure the most preferred way of transport. Opening of Green Line is an added feather to the cap. It has taken Metro to different and small corners of the city. People-changing platforms in Green line stations throughout the day is a sign of how successful Metro has been.

Inside metro premises world-class interiors give us a glimpse of different scenarios and shades of the nation. While some stations portray images of the past, taking us to an era of pearl divers and fishermen, the other stations display the gradual growth of the nation. More info