Metro Website Launched


Ibrahim Haj Hamad

Virtual Metro on
Virtual Metro on

DUBAI — From quizzes on each aspect of the Dubai Metro to a virtual tour of the train and video of the other public transport modes, a new Roads and Transport Authority website leaves the public with no excuse not to catch public transport.

More than 40,000 passengers used the Dubai Metro on Wednesday, raising the total number of passengers who used Dubai Metro since its inauguration on Wednesday evening to 366,968 passengers.

Abdullah Al Madani, CEO, Corporate Technical Support Services Sector at the authority, said the website, launched on Thursday, aims to educate the public on the benefits of the metro and the other public transportation facilities in Dubai. The website to visit is

“The underlying objective of launching this virtual transport website is to enlighten people about the integrated benefits of Dubai Metro and encourage them to use the metro instead of their private vehicles,” said Al Madani.

“The website will also provide information to the public about the metro as well as other transport modes of the RTA.” The website comprises several means and tools including ‘Trip Scenario Videos’ showcasing Dubai Metro and the Integrated Public Transport System relevant to the different segments of the metro users. A ‘Journey Planner’ an electronic system that enables public transport riders to set the right way to travel through real-time and accurate information to determine the most accessible transport mode according to the rider’s location, destination and trip time.

The website also includes games and quizzes revolving around the concept of virtual transportation in order to make the educational experience more pleasurable to the viewers.

“Such experience will prove useful to all public transport users in general and Dubai Metro users in particular through advancing their knowledge about all public transport modes and enriching RTA experience in this regard,” said Al Madani.  Peyman Younes Parham, the Director of Marketing & Corporate Communication said Dubai Metro has succeeded in attracting commuters who opted to select the metro as a key mobility mode.

“Mall of the Emirates topped the list of stations in terms of passengers clocking 7911 passengers, followed by Khalid bin Al Waleed Station- 6529 passengers, then Al Ittihad Station — 4848 passengers,” Parham said.

The metro also contributes to the reduction of gas emissions from vehicles and motorbikes, helps preserve the environment, and creates a fun atmosphere during mobility.


  • Do not press the emergency button unless of an emergency
  • Passengers should not
use Nol Silver cards and sit in Gold Class
  • Male passengers should not use Ladies and Children cabins, even though accompanied by their families.
  • Do not exit or enter the fare zones without paying the prescribed fare; an offence that carries a Dh200 fine.
  • Do not destroy metro property, which draws a 100-dirham fine
  • Do not eat and drink at prohibited places to avoid
Dh100 fine.