Minimum Dh7.5 must on Nol card to take tram



With only a week away from inauguration, the Dubai Tram fare has been fixed at Dh3, irrespective of the distance travelled, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) officials announced on Tuesday.

The fare is calculated based on Dubai’s existing zonal fare structure. The  passengers need to have a minimum balance of Dh7.5 in their Nol card before embarking on a journey on the tram. Fare collection on the tramway is connected to Dubai’s automatic fare collection, unified fare card (Nol).

Official tram timings will be announced shortly.

Officials stressed that there is a separate etiquette and different manner for usage of the Nol card on the Dubai Tram. Abdulla Al Madani CEO of the Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, said each station would have at least two-four ticket vending machines (TVMs) and one manned ticket counter.

“Passengers will have to validate their tickets at the entrance and exit of each station. Not validating the ticket before boarding the tram will result in fines,” said Moaza Saeed Al Marri, Director of RTA Marketing and Corporate Communication.

The tram cabins are divided into three classes — a gold class, a silver class, and a separate compartment for women and children. “Tickets for the gold class are priced at Dh6 on the tram, which is twice the normal price,” said Al Madani. More info