Minimum Nol card balance to access Dubai Metro, tram or bus



With the implementation of a new tariff system on the public transportation network, commuters are faced with a new minimum fare requirement, prohibiting entry on the metro, tram or bus when these requirements are not met.

It was not long ago that a passenger was able to embark the metro with a little more than Dh2 on their Nol cards. When the available balance was exceeded, it would be debited resulting in a balance below zero. Next time the Nol card was topped up, the debited amount was automatically deducted.

The system was revised earlier this year with an increased minimum fare, no longer allowing the Nol card user to hit the below-zero balance, and this minimum fare was again amended with the introduction of the new tariff system last month.

To avoid confusion and ensure that no train or bus is missed, ‘Emirates24|7’ has summed up the essentials of the current minimum fare requirements.

Silver Nol card

The minimum fare on the Silver Nol card is now Dh7.50. This amount corresponds to the maximum fare that can be charged for any trip on the Silver Class. Previously, this amount was Dh5.80.

When a Silver Nol Card does not maintain this balance, metro gate will not open, and entry on any other public transportation mode is not permitted.

“It is not possible that a person is denied a checkout because the Nol card balance was exceeded, because that person would not have been able to check in,” pointed out Khalid Al Awadhi, Director of Automated Fare Collection, Corporate Technical Support Services Sector at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). More info