Mock evacuation of RTA premises successfully completed



The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA), in collaboration with the Dubai Police General HQ, the General Directorate of Civil Defence in Dubai, and the Dubai Center of Ambulance Services, has successfully completed a mock evacuation of RTA premises to measure the readiness of the RTA, alarm systems, fire-fighting equipment, employees awareness of the rapid evacuation and exiting the building, and the response of various bodies to emergency cases.

The exercise, which involved the use of 8 fire engines, 4 ambulance vehicles and police patrols, proved RTA readiness in coping with emergencies as the evacuation process was completed in less than five minutes.

The CEO of RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector Yousef Jawad Al Rida praised the combined efforts of all bodies engaged in completing the evacuation process. He also hailed employees cooperation and compliance with the applicable procedures of the evacuation process adding: “These drills enhance the communication channels as well as the coordination and harmony between the security bodies and other entities such that negative aspects could be redressed and mistakes avoided.”

“During emergency situations, all RTA employees have to follow the instructions made by the competent bodies of the RTA such as the Safety, Risk, Regulation & Planning Department as well as the Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector as these instructions and guidelines are actually made for the safety of all RTA employees and customers to safeguard their lives during emergency conditions.

“Employees have to take the initiative in rendering assistance to the needy, sick and special needs persons. They have also got to communicate their locations to the evacuation conductors and familiarize themselves with the nearest emergency exits detailed in the illustrative drawings posted at the main entrances of the building.

“The instructions and guidelines to be observed by employees of the RTA in case of emergency include: evacuate the building once an emergency declaration is heard, stop work immediately and leave the building through any exit leading to the assembly point of RTA building, follow the guidance and instructions given by evacuation conductors & security officers, avoid using elevators in case of fire, and inform security officers and evacuation conductors about any incidents or imminent danger in the building. They have to act with calm & self-restraint, and avoid confusion and entering places engulfed by smoke or those expected to catch fire,” said Jawad.

“It is also recommended not to open doors unless after ensuring that they are not overheated through touching the door with the backhand to avoid entering a dangerous spot. Medications and treatments have to be extended to employees experiencing illnesses or in critical conditions, and all staff must avoid taking to streets and entrances of the building, and give way for the ambulance and rescue vehicles,” said the CEO of RTA Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector in a final remark.