Monitoring and Enforcement delivers educative lecture on Car Rental



The Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has delivered an educative lecture about Car Rental Offices at Jebel Ali Free Zone Area (JAFZA) with the aim of galvanizing the Vision of “Excellence in Monitoring & Enforcement” set by the Dep’t through maintaining continuous communication with the strategic partners, particularly the government bodies, with the aim of uplifting the quality of services delivered to the required standards.

Commenting on the event, the Director of RTA Monitoring & Enforcement Ahlam Al-Feel, said: “We are keen on coordinating with JAFZA through setting up a work team at the Dep’t to deliver an educative lecture to the representatives of Car Rental Offices based at JAFZA to shed light and clearly define the role of the Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t in reporting offences against offices in breach of shouldered responsibilities.

“An introductory lecture was held highlighting various offences and administrative penalties provided for in the Decree No (22) for 2005 regarding the use of the Online System of Car Rental Offices. The explanations given explained the roles and responsibilities of the Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t in carrying out inspection processes of Car Rental facilities.

“An agreement has been made with JAFZA for starting the field inspection processes, communicating the dates of the scheduled visits to the concerned officials, and providing them on regular basis with a list about offences made by Car Rental Offices,” said Al-Feel.

The educative lecture also elaborated the various provisions and articles pertinent to the administrative offences and penalties as provided for in the Decree No (22) for 2005, and the importance of entering the contracts in the online linking system of Car Rental Offices on due time. It also stressed the need of cooperating with the inspectors of the Dep’t, and provided them with the Dubai Police numbers in case of technical inquiries about the system.

At the end of the lecture, the representatives of Car Rental Offices posed several questions about offences and how to activate them, the possibility of expanding the permissible times for entering the contracts in the online system to 24 hours, and the coordination with the Dubai Police in developing solutions for upgrading the existing system.

The audience praised the lecture and stressed its importance in giving due definition of all articles and penalties as provided for in the Decree No (22) for 2005. They commended the step taken by the Monitoring & Enforcement Dep’t in communicating with the Car Rental Offices; which reflected its continuous attention to explain and clearly define offences in order to minimize the errors of the online system and accordingly minimize the offences brought against them.