More coop between Dubai Ferry and Seabourn



The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is seeking to open up new horizons and introduce its marine transit capabilities to relevant global entities operating in this field, given the attractive tourists potentials boasted by the Emirate of Dubai and the advanced marine transit network in place.

Recently, the America cruise ship Seabourn, one of the world’s most luxurious tourist cruise liners, visited the marine transit station opened by the RTA last November in Port Rashid, as a port of call in a trip launched from state of Florida. The ship is ferrying dozens of sea travelers aspiring for more marine transport pleasure, and the crew were acquainted with the marine transit services available in Dubai including the Dubai Ferry and the Water Taxi.

Baha Al-Qudra, Director of Marine Transport at RTA’s Public Transport Agency, said: “It has been agreed with the crew of the ship, namely Captain Mark, to host future passengers ferried by the ship on Dubai Ferry and the Water Taxi to know more about RTA’s marine transport potentials and enjoy the fun of seeing The World, The Palm Jumeirah islands on Dubai coastal line.

“The ship has a capacity of 450 seats and has dozens of staffs to serve passengers; which is indicative of the high luxurious level to which passengers are treated. Captain Mark and accompanying crews visited Dubai Ferry and the Water Taxi and were familiarized with the services on offer as well as the safety & security means on board. They were impressed with the marine transit network in Dubai and efforts made to advance it through introducing Dubai Ferry, Water Taxi and the Water Bus.

Captain Mark, stated that the development he had seen in this field in Dubai exceeded his expectations in terms of luxurious &lavish means, fun & entertainment levels offered to Dubai Ferry  commuters, and the tourist potentials endowed to Dubai shores.

At the end of the visit, Captain Mark presented a memento to Baha Al-Qudra to mark the event, and expressed his delight for the hospitality accorded to him and his crew. He ended his remarks by referring to the definite prospects of future cooperation and common vision serving the objectives & ambitions of both parties. More info