Motorist Alert: New highway to connect Abu Dhabi with Dubai and N. Emirates



The UAE’s Ministry of Public Works  is studying laying a new federal road parallel to the Emirates Road, connecting the Northern Emirates to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, according to a report in the Arabic daily newspaper Al Khaleej.

2The ministry is also planning to build a bridge on Emirates Road to ease traffic between Dubai and Sharjah.

The ministry is also currently considering expanding Emirates Road to seven lanes from three in Sharjah and six lanes in Dubai.

The ministry said there would be five basic lanes out of seven of the proposed parallel road linking the Northern Emirates by Dubai and Abu Dhabi, besides the lateral lanes.

Meanwhile, Abdurrahman Al Mahmoud, head of implementation and administration at the Roads Department of the ministry, said the UAE’s road network had expanded by 35 per cent since 2007.

According to him, increasing of the number of lanes on roads is not the best solution to eliminate traffic congestion. Instead, building exits and bridges into side roads could help solve the problem to a large extent. More info