How much does your Nol card charge? Find out here

Know all about Nol cards and metro route zones before you plan your next trip


Travelling around Dubai is a breeze thanks to its efficient public transport system. This intricate network of buses, cabs, marine transports, the Metro and the Tram ferries, millions of residents and tourists all over the Emirate.

One of the cornerstones of Dubai’s public transport system is the Nol card – a one size fits all solution to paying for your trip. Furthermore, the Nol card comes in five different variants for every kind of traveler.

But hold on, have you ever wondered how much a Nol card charges you for a trip? If not, read on and find out exactly how much your daily commute costs, if you’re simply visiting Dubai, this can help you plan your budget.

Don’t get ‘zoned’ out!

In order to understand how much the Nol card charges for every trip, we must learn the system that Dubai runs on. According to the RTA website, Dubai is divided into 7 zones. Each zone has Metro stations, bus stations and water bus stations.

Below is a detailed image of where each zone is on the map.

At the end of a journey, the Nol card will be charged according to the total number of zones you have travelled through.

Plan your pay?

The travelers are charged in three different aspects – travelling within 1 zone, travelling in two adjacent zones and travelling in more than two zones. So, the more zones you travel through, the higher is your fare on your Nol card. More info

By Compiled by Keith Pereña/Dubai