MyCity. MyMetro. 09.09.09


    MyCity MyMetroRoads & Transport Authority (RTA) is bracing for the biggest Dubai Metro marketing campaign ever ahead of the scheduled launch of the project on 09/09/09, working with Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai which was recently awarded the task in a tender.

    Ramadan Abdulla Mohammed, Director of Operations Department at RTA Rail Agency said that the importance of the marketing campaign stems from its role in unveiling and showcasing Dubai Metro Project, the pioneer and longest driverless rail network completed in one phase worldwide, and its substantial contribution towards fulfilling the vision of the RTA in providing safe and smooth transportation for all.

    The project is capable of transforming the behavioural pattern, lifestyle and thoughts of many people in Dubai. However, to materialize this transition, intensive marketing and awareness campaigns have to be launched.

    “This campaign comes in the context of the strategic plan spanning up to 2020 targeting to increase the share of metro use to 17% among Dubai residents. The AED 15b Dubai Metro Project ranks among the top and vital projects in the emirate. It has a 75km-long track that encompasses elevated, at grade and underground sections. The project envisages 47 stations housing retail and commercial outlets that provide commuters with all means of entertainment, services and facilities such as newspapers, magazines, consumer items among others,” said Abdulla.

    “The Red Line of Dubai Metro is scheduled for opening on 9 September 2009 and the Green Line is set for launch in March 2010. Trains will commute about 23,000 passengers per hour per direction on the Red Line and 18,000 passengers per hour per direction on the Green Line.”

    Elias Ashkar, Regional CEO Saatchi & Saatchi MENA said, “Saatchi & Saatchi is proud of teaming up with the RTA and we are looking forward to more joint cooperation in the long run as part of a long lasting partnership, in line with the strategic vision set and wisely pursued by the RTA. We’re honoured and excited to lead the most important campaign this year, out of more than 40 RTA marketing communications projects, and to be part of one of the biggest, most innovative campaign launches in Dubai’s history.”

    ‘My City. My Metro.’, the big idea and theme for the Dubai Metro Campaign, was born out of a Creative Tribe in Dubai with local creative teams, led by John Pallant, EMEA Regional Creative Director.

    This was followed by a major Dubai Government tender process, with multiple local, regional and global Agencies.

    Saatchi & Saatchi Dubai was chosen as the winning Agency because of the superior quality of their local team and because their creative thinking best reflected the RTA’s vision for the Dubai Metro–that it is of the people and for the people of Dubai, designed to bring people together, making their lives that much easier and more enjoyable.

    The direct association of the people with their city and their Metro in the campaign idea, will help create a strong sense of belonging, ownership and pride for the people of Dubai–the launch of the Metro will transform Dubai and the lives of its people.

    Under the overall umbrella of the RTA brand, the Dubai Metro brand idea of ‘My City, My Metro.,’ will be brought to life through a multitude of consumer touch-points, including television, outdoor, print, press, radio, online and many other innovative mediums, to engage and excite the imagination of people in Dubai, GCC and beyond.

    Peyman Younes Parham, Director of RTA Marketing & Corporate Communication Department said, “This marketing campaign runs for one year and comprises three phases to cover the project comprehensively. Phase I focuses on the project introduction in terms of launch timing, shape design and message selection. Phase II is the basic stage comprising all information related to the metro operation, fare, public services, station services, multi-modal integration, and security and safety means. Phase III is the preparatory phase that sets the stage for the launch day on 09/09/2009; also incorporating a supplement to Phase II.”

    “The objective of the campaign is to introduce the public to the services & facilities rendered by Dubai Metro Project, which provides Dubai residents with the best, most highly sophisticated transit system in the transportation industry. It is viewed as a new wing in the ongoing series of successes made by the RTA, and opens up more employment and investment opportunities.

    “Through this campaign, RTA is not targeting a specific age group or community segment, but focuses on wide spectrums of the community. Various awareness messages will be directed to different community segments.”

    Emphasis will be made towards making Dubai Metro one of the leading flagship projects in Dubai such as Burj Al Arab, Burj Dubai, The Palm, and The World among others.