National Day: cars can be decorated


By Hassan Hassan

ABU DHABI // People will be allowed to decorate their cars during the National Day holidays, police said yesterday. But they urged everyone to celebrate in a “civilised way”.

Decorated cars will be popular on National Day. Philp Cheung / The National
Decorated cars will be popular on National Day. Philp Cheung / The National

The Abu Dhabi Traffic and Patrol Department has given the green light to motorists who want to decorate their cars in celebration of the 38th UAE National Day. The police warned, however, that decorations should not contribute to road congestion. Permission is valid from December 1 to 4.

“The department decided to allow everyone to celebrate this dear occasion with UAE flags and pictures but that shouldn’t impede the flow of traffic,” said Col Hamad al Shamsi, head of the traffic and patrols department. “People are urged to celebrate in a civilised way that is appropriate for the occasion.”

Decorations must not cover the whole vehicle or block motorists’ view, the police said.

Windows and lights must not be covered. Phrases or stickers that offend “public decency” or are not in line with the occasion are not allowed.


The police warned that traffic rules would be enforced aggressively during the holidays, especially those covering dangerous or reckless driving.

Patrols will be increased and will be done in police and civilian patrolling cars.

Decorating cars, like stringing lights on landmark buildings, has long been a part of National Day.

The streets of the capital become jammed with cars at night, many of them with teenage boys revving their engines and leaning out of windows, in an informal parade.

A decal of a ruling sheikh and the UAE flag tend to be the most popular decorations.