New business opportunity in Dubai: Firms can trade distinguished numbers plates


By Staff

The Licensing Agency of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is gearing up for issuing special permits to traders enabling them to officially practise the business of buying and selling distinguished number plates as early as next February.

Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat, Director of RTA Vehicles Licensing, said: “These permits will be issued in order to streamline the buying and selling of distinguished licensing plates for traders who are always keen on practising this business in a way that ensures safe business conduct and secures the rights of all stakeholders.

“Permits will be issued for one year renewable, and the prerequisites of granting the permit include: the trader must have 30 owned and retained plates in the traffic file, the trader’s name must not be blacklisted by the RTA, and the trader must not have any outstanding financial dues regarding number plates. The RTA will collect a cash deposit amounting to Dh25,000 as a standing annual guarantee; which may be refundable in case the permit is expired,” he stated. More info