New Dubai bus timings from September 1


By Staff

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has amended the emirate’s bus schedules beginning next month, the RTA informed the public via text messages on Tuesday morning.

“RTA amends bus timings as of September 1, 2013. For more info, kindly contact 8009090 or check Bus Timetables at bus stops or main stations,” reads the text message.

According to a recent media statement by the RTA, inquiry about bus and Metro arrival service via SMS at the RTA has shown a 12-fold increase by the end of May 2013 compared to the number reported upon the launch of the service by the end of last year.

“Text messages inquiring about the arrival of public buses and the Metro service in Dubai emirate amounted 4,222 messages by the end of last May, compared to 351 messages by the end of January this year,” said Adel Shakeri, Director of Transportation Systems, RTA Public Transport Agency.

“Messages inquiring about public bus arrival clocked 318 messages in January 2013 and the service frequency picked up to record 3,104 messages by the end of last May, while the inquiry about the Metro trains arrival service reported 33 messages when launched last January but shot up to as much as 1,118 messages by the end of May this year,” he explained.

“Through running this service we are aspiring to introduce the best global practices to mass transit systems, raise customers satisfaction rating through delivering excellent public transit services, and boost the communication channels between the RTA and its clientele in order to offer them directly accessible services without obliging them to contact RTA Call Center,” he added.