New Karama Metro Station to benefit all


    Dubai: The Karama Metro Station will benefit residents and visitors in this old residential district of Dubai.

    The thickly populated area is also famous for its bargain shopping and good restaurants.

    The Karama station is located in the middle of the Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, next to the Union Co-operative supermarket. It is an elevated station with access on both sides of the road and air-conditioned pedestrian bridges.

    On one side of the station is a large part of the residential area of Karama comprising low-cost and low-rise apartments which are mostly populated by expatriates from Asian countries.

    On the other side of the station is Al Mankhool residential area consisting of mostly villas and a high concentration of Emiratis.

    As the huge population of Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos living in Karama prefer to use public transport, the station will be one of the busiest. Public buses in Karama are always full to capacity.

    Residents and tourists can also use this station to shop in Karama, which has a variety of bargain shops at the Karama Shopping Complex.

    There is also Al Attar Centre and Karama Centre, located within five minutes walk from the station. These centres have wide range of shopping options for almost every nationality.

    The area is also famous for its huge variety of good and affordable restaurants. They offer authentic cuisines from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Singapore in addition to Arabic food and fast food outlets.

    A number of coffee shops, shisha cafes, confectionaries, bakeries and popular tea stalls dot every nook and corner of Karama.

    Prominent offices and places of worship, such as Dubai Municipality Centre, Karama Health Centre and Dubai’s largest Eid Prayer Ground in Al Mankhool is within 10 minutes walk from the station.

    The quality of life will positively improve for the residents of Karama. Visitors and residents won’t have to waste time looking for parking, as they do now, if they choose to ride the Metro.