Nine To Five: No More!


By Eva Fernandes

Eva Fernandes is the first to advocate for flexi-timings at the work place. Who’s with her?

A walk through any of Dubai’s metro stations will reveal ads marketing the Dubai Metro as the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading, take up knitting or even start writing your own novel. Novel? Novel ideas more like it.

If you’ve been reading Kipp, then you probably know that we take every opportunity that we get to vent about our outrageously infuriating trips on the Metro and today’s no different or so we’ve thought when we received a press release from Regus Research or “the world’s leading global provider of innovative workspace solutions” as they prefer to call themselves, on The UAE’s Seven Deadly Sins of Commuting.

So what are The UAE’s Seven Deadly Sins of Commuting? Here they are:

1. Bad/dangerous drivers

2. Road rage

3. Pollution and overheating

4. Delays and service interruptions

5. Lack of information from service providers

6. People talking too loudly on their mobile phones

7. Other commuters’ body odour or bad breath or smelly food

That about sums it up, thinks Kipp, with the exception of the creepy stalker fellow passenger who makes a rather obvious effort to stare shamelessly at you. But commuting issues should be a concern, because apparently the survey says, the UAE tends to travel an average 27 minutes, although 13 percent have to travel more than 45 minutes each way. However, the survey found that the time taken to commute seemed to be less than of an issue than the commuting experience itself.