No more traffic jams? Dubai eyes use of driverless cars by 2020


By Joseph George

French firm Akka Technologies is negotiating with local firms to bring its autonomous self-driving car technology into the UAE.

1The company was displaying a working model of the car at the recent World Government Summit, and is hoping that it will be able to roll out the vehicle by 2020.

The Link & Go, in its second version, is a self-driving electric car built using technology from Dassault Systems.

The car is fully electric and can be recharged within two hours. It drives at a speed of about 90 to 120km per hour.

he vehicle is equipped with several sensors – cameras and lasers – which are capable of analysing the vehicle’s environment in a 360-degree radius, and thereby preventing any blind spots.

The wheels are directive and motorized and offer new energy recovery and braking strategies and can turn up to 90 degrees.

he idea is to currently prepare the young minds for what’s about to come, says Ferreol Marane, Managing Director, Akka Middle East. More info