Nol card mandatory for Dubai-Sharjah bus trips



Dubai: Commuters on Dubai-Sharjah bus routes are being forced to buy Nol cards as the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has stopped issuing tickets to Sharjah-bound passengers.

However, passengers coming from Sharjah still have the option of either buying a ticket from the counter at Al Jubail stations or use the Nol card.

According to passengers, tickets for Sharjah were available until last Sunday, but on Monday RTA closed the ticket issuing counter and made using Nol card mandatory for the journey to Sharjah.

“I went to Sharjah on Sunday using the ticket but when I came today I was surprised to see the counter closed. When asked the RTA officer said I have to buy the Nol card.It’s more surprising because I came from Sharjah in the morning using the ticket,” said Ahmad Niyaz, a Pakistani resident of Sharjah.

The development is causing confusion among commuters, particularly because on some routes to Sharjah tickets are still being issued.

“I went from Al Quoz to Sharjah this morning and paid the fare at the ticket counter, though Nol cards are also accepted. While coming back from Sharjah also I paid the fare at the counter at Al Jubail bus station,” said Yousuf Mirza, an Indian who works as an electrician in Al Quoz.

RTA started linking the intercity routes with the automated payment system and since then both systems of payment have been in operation simultaneously, but those used to the old system insist the Nol card is of not of much use to them as they are not regular commuters. More info