Nol cards selling outlets uploaded in RTA portal



RTA’s Customer Service Centers Department has provided a link to Nol cards selling outlets in RTA’s portal (

According to Dr. Aysha Al Busmait, Director of RTA Customer Service Centers Dep’t, Nol cards can be purchased from 22 selling outlets in Dubai: 5 at public bus stations, 8 at marine transport stations and 9 at RTA Customer Service Centers, in addition to the series of Spinneys supermarkets spread all over the emirate.

The aim is to provide handy means of paying mobility fare in Dubai, and provide more options for buying Nol cards; the best means of paying for daily travels in the emirate.

“RTA is keen on enhancing the online transactions in implementation of the vision set by Dubai e-Government to adopt and boost online processes across government and private organizations. Through this e-link RTA is seeking to broaden the base of customers benefiting from RTA services to save time and effort and deliver easily accessible services” she said.

Dr. Aysha further added: “We have activated Nol selling cards outlets through this link and the customer has just to click the icon of Nol cards selling points to gain immediate access to the selling locations in a highly accurate e-map provided with several icons to choose from such as the subsidiary locations, nature of services provided, working hours, and events.

The overall objective of the link is to open a new and direct communication channel with the public, better serve the customers, provide service information source & means of presenting them, explain service processing requirements, and save time & effort in dealing with customers through using information technology.