Nol Silver card users have Dh14 per day cap: Dubai Metro and bus trips free after that


By Parag Deulgaonkar and Majorie van Leijen

All trips on Metro and buses in Dubai are free once Nol Silver Card holders have spent Dh14 in fares on a single day.

“If Nol Silver Card users spend Dh14, all their trips on the Metro or bus routes will be free,” Mohammad Youssef Al Mudharrab, Director, Automated Fare Collection Card, Road and Transport Authority (RTA), told Emirates 24|7.

Gold card users also have a daily cap of Dh14, but the calculation is based on the trip fare only and not on the surcharge.

“When a Gold card holder pays Dh8.2 for a trip, the fare is Dh4.1 for the trip and Dh4.1 for the card surcharge. Only the fare for the trip is capped, the surcharge is not,” Mohammad adds. More info