Now travel all over Dubai at just Dh270 per month


By B. Libo-on

Travelling around Dubai can sometimes be tiresome for regular travellers, who have to be out on the road early. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has introduced a solution to their travel woes in the form of a personalised blue NoL card.

Travellers can now stop worrying about setting aside cash for their daily fares. In fact, they can save Dh150 per month by using this card. They just have to top up their blue NoL card once on salary day with Dh270 and they can travel all over Dubai.

Similarly, students can travel all over Dubai with a personalised blue NoL card for just Dh170 a month. Emirati senior citizens are eligible for a 50 per cent discount on the card, while people with special needs can travel with it free of cost; they just need to pay Dh70 as an application fee.

When travelling by the Dubai Metro, there are four tiers. The daily fare for travellers using the silver NoL card is capped at Dh14, which is applicable on all four tiers. On Tier zero (T0), less than or equal to 3km costs Dh1.80; on Tier 1 (T1) it costs Dh2.30; Tier 2 (T2) costs Dh4.10; and Tier 3 (T3) costs a maximum of Dh5.80. After they use up the maximum Dh14 daily cap, they are travelling free of charge.

Blue NoL card holders have more privileges embedded in a more secure card. Louloua Yousif Al Asmakh, Deputy Director and Clearing and Settlement Manager, UAFC Department, RTA, said by just paying Dh70 as an application fee, the blue NoL card will be secured with the holder’s name, photo and signature.

“If the holder loses the card, the balance of the card can be protected by calling the RTA to hold or block it so the finder cannot use it. Anyone can apply for a blue NoL card at any RTA ticket offices inside the Dubai Metro stations or through its website,” More info


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