On the Dubai Metro, keep food and drink firmly packed up


    Besides ticketless travel, eating and drinking will attract fines on the Dubai Metro, which is all set to roll out in just over a week, on September 9.

    The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced that fines of 100 dirhams (Rs 1,343) will be levied on anyone caught eating or drinking on the Metro. Penalties will rise to 500 dirhams (Rs 6,716) for offences like destroying, damaging or tampering with devices, equipment or seats of the public transport facility.

    A 200 dirhams (Rs 2,686) fine awaits any passenger who tries to use the Metro without a valid ticket.

    “Anybody found violating public transport rules will face a fine, for it is important to ensure comfortable travel for every passenger and protection of transport property and facilities,” CEO of Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, Mattar Al Tayer, said, adding that a list of fines had been approved by the authorities.

    “We cannot allow passengers to damage transport facilities including buses, trains, stations and other services,” Al Tayer was quoted as saying by Gulf News. Those involved in vandalism and causing damage to the Metro, public buses and water buses would be dealt with severely.

    “Safety and security of passengers is our top priority and there will be no compromise on that,” he said.

    Apart from more than 660 police officers specially trained to protect passengers and the transport system, there will be officials from the RTA and the operator Serco to ensure safety of passengers.