One in eight UAE drivers slapped with black points in 2013


By Staff

More than half a million drivers in the UAE were given black points for traffic offences last year, statistics from the Ministry of Interior’s traffic coordination department show.

About 508,924 motorists, or 13 per cent of the country’s drivers, received black points and more than 2,500 drivers had their licences seized after reaching 24 black points.

Brig Ghaith Al Zaabi, head of the TCD, said drivers who exceeded the 24-point limit represented only 0.5 per cent of the number of motorists who received demerit points.

Brig Al Zaabi told Al Ittihad, the Arabic-language sister paper of The National, that this result showed the efficiency of the points system.

Driving through a red light carries eight black points, speeding on city roads 12 points, and failing to ensure the road is clear before entering it is four points, he said. More info

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