Parents of 9/9/9 babies get free rides on Dubai Metro


By Ashfaq Ahmed, Chief Reporter,

Dubai: Babies born in the UAE on 09/09/09 — the day of the Dubai Metro launch — have brought good luck to their parents, who will get free Metro rides for a year.

Dubai metro station
Dubai metro station

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority’s (RTA) effort to keep the Metro launch date alive received more than 200 entries from parents whose babies were born on September 9 this year.

More rewards

Both the mother and father will get Nol Silver Cards valid for travel on the Metro for one year.

RTA spokesperson Peyman Younus Parham says these babies will keep getting more rewards as they grow older with the Metro, for they will always be considered special people, just like the Metro is special.

There is also the possibility that they may get free lifetime passes for the Metro in future.