Parking in Dubai Mall? App for best spot


By Majorie van Leijen

Finding a suitable parking spot in Dubai Mall is a challenging task. With the immense surface to cater to, the mall parking comprises three sections, each with seven floors, all of which are eagerly consumed by the many visitors at any point of the day.

However, now selecting the right location to find a spot will be easier. Dubai Mall is the first mall to link its services to the parking app of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). A simple click will present the visitor with his best chances.

“The app now includes Dubai Mall parking as an option,” explained Maitha bin Adai , CEO of Traffic and Road Agency. “When you click on it, the three parking entrances will appear: Cinema Parking, Fashion Parking and Grand Parking. For each section a percentage of occupancy is given. The visitor can select the entrance based on these numbers.”

Once parked, the user can save the location on the app in case he gets lost in the parking myriad. More info