Parking under viaducts illegal


By Ashfaq Ahmed, Chief Reporter

Dubai: The Dubai Rail Agency has warned motorists not to park their vehicles under the Dubai Metro viaduct, the elevated track, or they will face hefty fines.

    * A sign saying ‘No parking under Metro viaduct’ is installed on Shaikh Zayed Road close to the Oasis Centre.     * Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/ Gulf News
* A sign saying ‘No parking under Metro viaduct’ is installed on Shaikh Zayed Road close to the Oasis Centre. * Image Credit: Oliver Clarke/ Gulf News

“It is not allowed to park vehicles under the elevated tracks or dump any waste or set up any business on the right of way of the Dubai Metro,” a senior official of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) told Gulf News. He said motorists who park their vehicles under the elevated track or any non-designated areas near the Metro facilities risk being fined or having their cars towed away.

“It is illegal to park a car under the Metro viaduct if there is no marked parking facility,” said the official, adding that vehicles illegally parked would be slapped with fines and can also be towed away in case they pose any danger to the track.

Engineer Adnan Al Hammadi, Chief Executive Officer of the RTA’s Rail Agency, explained that individuals and companies can use the ‘rail right of way’ but only after obtaining permission from the Rail Agency. “Individuals or companies will get heavy fines for causing any damage to the Metro facilities including tracks or using the Metro areas for any kind of activities without permission,” he added.

The Rail Agency has opened a ‘Railway Right-of-Way Office’ to monitor the Metro facilities and the track. “This office is authorised to issue No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to contractors who want to do any work within the Metro right-of-way,” he said, adding that the new office would also be responsible for the protection of the Metro facilities.

He said fines ranging from Dh200,000 to Dh500,000 could be issued to violators who illegally use the Metro right of way, do any construction work or use the Metro areas without permission or damage any Metro facilities.

No objection

He said anyone who wants to use the Metro right-of-way or other Metro-related facilities should first obtain an NOC from this office.

Al Hammadi said the Rail Right of Way Office has so far received more than 2,022 applications for the NOCs from companies and individuals to carry out projects or engage in any other work within the Metro right of way.

“A fully qualified team is in place comprising experts, engineers and inspectors of the Rail Agency who work round the clock to monitor the safety of the Metro facilities along the rail track and stations,” Al Hammadi said.

Inspectors of the RTA Rail Agency conduct inspection visits to ensure that no one infringes on the right of way in any form. Al Hammadi also called on all contractors and developers to ensure they obtain an NOC from the Railway Right of Way Office before starting any work on any project on the Metro right of way in order to avoid facing any legal procedures or fines.