Parsons Middle East projects achieve significant safety milestones


Source:  BI-ME staff

UAE. Parsons has recently achieved significant safety milestones on three of its projects in the Middle East. They are the Dubai Metro project, the Parks and Recreation Facilities Division (PRFD) project, and the Lusail Development project. 

Dubai metro
Dubai metro

Staff from the Dubai Metro project recently celebrated working 1 million hours without having a recordable accident, the second such milestone since the project started in 2005. Approximately 220 employees attended the celebration, which included a dinner and remarks from Parsons executives.

In addition, awards were given to the ten most safety-conscious staff members and “Safety—1 Million Hours” t-shirts were distributed to all.  Under a joint venture, Parsons is providing overall program management, design review, and construction supervision for the Dubai Metro project.

Staff from the Municipality of Abu Dhabi’s PRFD project recently achieved the safety milestone of 1 million hours without a lost-time injury. Working for more than three years on different contracts under PRFD—Construction, Maintenance & Operations, Parsons’ team has demonstrated the importance placed on safety and making zero accidents a reality.

The Lusail Development project in Doha, Qatar, recently achieved 249,709 hours without a lost-time injury, and in late October, Parsons’ project team gathered for a luncheon to celebrate the milestone of 1,095 days without a lost-time accident.

Parsons currently has 39 staff on the project, and the team has had a perfect safety record since the project’s inception in October 2006. As the PM/CM, Parsons is overseeing the design and construction of infrastructure to support a new city for 175,000 residents, just north of Doha.

“Safety is one of Parsons’ core values, and we are firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment in all of our offices and on each of our projects,” said Andy Peters, Parsons Corporate Safety Director.

Parsons has been active in the Middle East for more than 30 years and has 3,000 employees working from six offices in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.