Pepsi, Coke withdraw 300ml cans from UAE shelves



The Consumer Protection Department (CPD) at the UAE commerce ministry has said Pepsico and Coca-Cola will withdraw from the market their 300ml soft-drink cans deemed violating an agreement with the CPD, Gulf News has reported.

The companies agreed to the ministry last year that they would increase the size of the cans while raising the price to Dhs1.5 from Dhs1 and printing the price on the cans. However, the inspectors discovered that the 300ml cans were being distributed without the price printed on them, allowing sales at Dhs1.5.

“The two companies requested that they would market their 355ml cans with a price printed on them. We were surprised by their move when they reduced the size and took the price tag off the cans,” said head of the CPD, Hashem Nuaimi. More info