Phase 1 of Dubai Canal: RTA explains the ongoing road works – and delays


By Majorie van Leijen

In three years from now, the area surrounding Al Safa Park will look nothing like it looks today. Dubai Canal, one of the most prestigious projects undertaken in the history of Dubai (and there have been many), will be extended from Dubai Creek in Business Bay to the Arabian Sea, crossing some of the emirate’s most used roads.

If it was heard to imagine how a solid six-lane highway, the Sheikh Zayed Road, will make way for a waterway 80-120 meters wide, it becomes easier to comprehend this now as the first road works have commenced. But what exactly is going on in the plot around Al Safa Park?

Posed with this question, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) responded: “The purpose of the works at present is to relocate and divert the services in order to facilitate the construction of both the road works and the canal works in future phases.”

In short, the project area stretches from Business Bay Metro station to Safa Park and beyond. At several locations alongside Sheikh Zayed Road, the ground has been dug. Further, some activity can be seen in the sandy area bordering the service road. The service road running parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road has been partially closed for traffic. More info