Picture this: Bridges rise from iconic roads as Dubai Canal project flows


By Majorie van Leijen  www.emirates247.com

The bridges that will soon raise some of Dubai’s most prominent roads to allow Dubai Canal to make its way to the Arabian Sea are beginning to take shape.

1With several structures rising at various locations, it is becoming clear what these roads will look like once the canal is complete.

Sheikh Zayed Road

The most impactful part of the project is the elevation of Sheikh Zayed Road, which will be raised 8 metres via an 800 metre-long bridge.

From Business Bay up to the structures of what is soon to become the new Westin Hotel opposite Al Safa Park, the early appearances of a bridge are visible.

The bridge will first be constructed in the direction of Sharjah.

For this part, Dubai-bound traffic was diverted to what used to be the six-lane highway, Abu Dhabi-bound. Traffic heading to Abu Dhabi is currently re-directed on a temporary stretch taking up the old service lanes.

Once this part of the bridge is constructed, a similar traffic diversion will be carried out in the other direction to free up space for the construction of Abu Dhabi-bound bridge.

The bridge, which is part of phase 1 of the project, will comprise 12 lanes. More info