Police in Dubai celebrate Eid in typical style – by rolling out the supercars


By   www.thenational.ae

DUBAI // While residents geared up to enjoy their Eid Al Fitr holidays, police tourist patrols were getting ready for one of their busiest times of the year.

1And in typical Dubai Police fashion, officers hit the streets in their fleet of luxury cars to showcase the high-end vehicles and interact with residents and tourists.

After the last iftar of Ramadan, The National was invited to go on patrol with three of the 16 luxury vehicles – the plug-in hybrid BMW i8, the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid and the Mercedes G63.

Maj Gen Anas Al Matroushi, director of the transport and rescue department, said that Dubai Police’s luxury vehicles are always in tourist spots during the holidays, so officers can greet residents and tourists, answer questions and allow for photographs to be taken.

“The cars are to promote the image of Dubai Police and encourage the public to interact with the authorities,” he said.

Indeed, within minutes of arriving in front of the Armani Hotel the four police officers and their supercars were met with a crowd gathering around the vehicles.

Armed with a smile, Lt Obaid bin Abed, of the tourist police patrols section, and Lt Maitha Al Muheira stood alongside the supercars congratulating people on Eid Al Fitr and allowing them to take photos of them in uniform.

“No matter where we go, even if it’s a place with a very small crowd, you will always see people approaching us wanting to know more about Dubai Police and the vehicles, and it makes us happy to be close with the public,” said Lt bin Abed.

“During the holidays and when there are events, we are always present.”

The luxury fleet targets the main tourist spots, such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Road.

However, Lt bin Abed said that although their job is to go on tourist patrols, they are still police officers who are required to assist the public if an emergency occurs.

“Even if I am in one of the luxury cars headed to a tourist spot, I am still a policeman who will stop if I see someone who needs help,” he said.

“For example, if a person’s car is stopped on the side of the road, I will stop, secure the area and make sure that he gets the help he needs.” More info