Pregnant woman, child die in Dubai car crash


By Sajila Saseendran and Amira Agarib/Dubai

A young Indian man is heartbroken after losing his pregnant wife and three-year-old daughter following a car crash in Dubai.

2The family of Rijad, who runs a mobile phone business in Dubai and Umm Al Quwain, was returning from Sharjah to their home in Al Aweer when the accident took place early morning on Sunday, relatives told Khaleej Times.

According to the Dubai Police, the accident took place on Emirates Road after the exit leading to Maleeha around 1am on Sunday.

Rijad, 30, was driving the car. His wife Shaniba, 26, who was six months pregnant, and their first child, Shaiza Irin, were in the rear seat.

A relative said the victims had spent a lovely family time together with Shaniba’s sister’s family in Sharjah and her mother, who is on a visit here, just before the tragedy.

“We (the families of both the sisters and their mother) had met for dinner and shopping,” said Shaniba’s brother-in-law. “All of us dined and shopped together before they

Road deaths of pregnant wife, daughter leaves husband devastated left from Sharjah.”

Their car was hit by another car that changed lanes abruptly, the police said. An Emirati woman and her two children – aged 11 and 13 years – were in the other car. More info