Preparations for the UITP event hit top gear



With less than two weeks to go, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reported that the 59th International Association for Public Transport (UITP) Congress & Mobility & City Transport Exhibition; which will be held by the Emirate of Dubai during 10 – 14 April 2011, promises to be a turning point in the history of mass transportation in the Middle East & North African (MENA) region, particularly as the event is held for the first time ever in the region.

RTAA statement to this effect was made during the press conference held yesterday at RTA Head Office chaired by Mohammed Obaid Al Mulla, RTA Board Member, Chairperson of the Higher Organizing Committee of the 59th UITP Congress & Mobility & City Transport Exhibition, in the presence of the Organizing Committee members and a host of local media representatives.

“So far it is confirmed that the event will be attended by scores of international dignitaries including the Minister of Transport, Kingdom of Sweden; Minister of Transport, the Republic of Senegal; Member of the European Parliament; Member of the Colombian Senate; Minister of Transport, State of Karnataka, India; Deputy Minister of Transport, Russia; Secretaries-General of Transport, Provinces of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Minister of Transport, Gauteng Province, South Africa, Mayor of Kayseri city, Turkey; CEO of New York Metro, USA; CEO of Moscow Metro, Russia; President of Paris Metro, France; Chairman of Delhi Metro Rail, India; Chief Executive of the French Railways; Mass Transit Railway, Hong Kong; and President of Land Transport Authority, Singapore.

Al Mulla said: “We’ve completed our preparations for the organization of this international event in a way living up to the global standing of the UAE in general and Dubai Emirate in particular in staging multifarious conventions and exhibitions, particularly important in the sector of public transport and mass transit systems, including the metro, public buses, marine transit modes. ”

He explained that more than 1500 people hailing from more than 75 countries would attend the Congress. The accompanying Exhibition spans an area of 29,400 square meters; a 12 per cent increase over the area occupied by the 58th edition held in the Austrian capital Vienna in 2009. Dubai Exhibition would feature the participation of 252 exhibitors representing 37 countries, and 65 seminars would be organized on the sidelines of the Exhibition.

“Through organizing this global event, RTA is seeking to put Dubai Emirate on the global map of public transport by showcasing its achievements reflected in projects and strategic initiatives achieved in a record time compared to other developed countries with over a century of experience in this field, including European countries, United States, Canada and Australia,” continued Al Mulla

“This event will also be a great opportunity for specialized international companies and institutions to showcase their products, services and solutions in this field to business visitors, investors and decision-makers in ministries and authorities in charge of regulating public transport sector from all countries around the world,” he said.

Al Mullah praised the continued cooperation of RTA strategic partners among the government and quasi-government bodies in the Emirate of Dubai, through their representatives deployed in the RTA to provide the necessary support in their respective fields. The Organizing Committee of the event holds meetings, gatherings and workshops with the relevant authorities in the Emirate on a regular basis as per a preset timetable to develop a consolidated approach towards making the Congress and Exhibition a success. In the meantime co-ordination is in hand with the UITP to brief them on all matters relating to the organizational plan in addition to taking all necessary procedures and arrangements for receiving the participating delegations as planned.