Private minivans on contracts legal in Dubai


By Sneha May Francis

Private bus companies that help residents travel to key locations in Dubai are legit, provided they have a valid transport contract with the passenger’s company, said the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

1“There should be a valid transport contract in place between the company or establishment that the passenger works for and the transport company for such services,” explains Yousif Al Ali, CEO, Public Transport.

“It is otherwise not legal for residents or passengers to travel without the contract.

“As such there is no approval required from the RTA but the RTA Franchise and Enforcement department does have the right to carry out inspections.”

A resident of Dubailand’s SkyCourts, who uses the service of a private bus company, said he paid Dh275 for a month, for his travel to Dubai Mall in the 12-seater mini-bus. More info