Proceeds of RTA’s 69th licensing plates auction exceed 15m dirham



The 69th Public Auction for distinguished number plates recently held by Licensing Agency of Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) in the Theater Hall of RTA Head Office was the most populous among all other previous auctions organized in the past, resulting in a total proceeds of AED 15.324 million.

Mohammed Abdul Kareem Nimaat, Director of Vehicle Licensing, RTA Licensing Agency, said: “A total of 120 distinguished number plates were offered including various categories E, D, F, G, H, I and J for vehicles as well as motorbikes. The number 13-J fetched the highest price of AED 2.6 million during the public auction”.

He added: “The number “I- 800”, which topped the list of distinguished plates in the three-digit numbers category, was sold at AED 430,000 while the four-digit number “G – 2222” was sold at AED 480,000 and the five-digit number “I – 5555” was sold at AED 560,000.”

The Director of Vehicle Licensing pointed out that for motorbikes the numbers 440000 and 22200 scored the highest prices amounting to AED 14,000. He revealed that 10 number plates were offered for sale during the auction for motorbikes witnessing considerable turnout by interested bidders.

Abdul Kareem added that the auction 69 witnessed a huge turnout by the public as it was attended by nearly 170 participants of various age groups and community segments spanning various nationalities. “This demonstrates the success of the concept of Distinguished Number Plates Auctions which have rolled on successfully till we have now reached the 69th edition of the Auction,” he commented.