Public Transport Agency decorates 112 bus drivers



The Public Transport Agency at the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) is always keen on improving the performance of public bus drivers roaming Dubai roads & streets to serve commuters of mass transit systems, and pays high regards to their compliance with customers’ service standards, considering them as ambassadors of the RTA to various community segments.

The Agency also places much emphasis on drivers’ adherence to the driving & traffic rules in the Emirate out of its commitment to the safety of passengers and road users.

In keeping with this drive, the Agency is committed to recognize & celebrate the expeditious efforts made by public bus drivers and honour other distinguished ones in a bid to stimulate others to redouble their efforts and follow suit in delivering top-class services to public transport commuters in the Emirate of Dubai.

Recently around 112 bus drivers have been honoured by Bus Department at Public Transport Agency, where 85 drivers were honoured for being considered as distinguished drivers, 22 drivers for their performance in the mystery shopper report, and 5 drivers for their honesty exhibited in circumstances that took place onboard their buses such as handing over valuable items and personal belongings of passengers to the competent bodies. The felicitation event was attended by the CEO of Public Transport Agency Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, Director of Bus Ahmed Al Hammadi and several managers and officials of the Agency.

Other prizes were also awarded in the event including ‘The Unknown Soldier’ in the Dubai Government Excellence Program, ‘Suggestions Reward’ under RTA Employees Suggestions Systems Policy, and the ‘Long Service Reward’ under the approved rewards and awards policy of the RTA.

“Through this honouring event, we aim to motivate and support bus drivers of the Public Transport Agency, enhance their loyalty to the RTA and the Agency, encourage them to uplift the level of service offered to customers, and raise drivers satisfaction rating through celebrating their meritorious efforts which are instrumental to achieving the targets of both the Agency and the RTA,” said Al Dosari.

For their part the honourees were delighted with the honours awarded to them, considering them another motivation that prompts them to deliver more and better services towards realizing the vision of the RTA in providing Safe & Smooth Transport for All public transport commuters in Dubai Emirate.

It is worth-mentioning that the Public Transport Agency lifted in 2011 about 108 million passengers and the Agency has 2883 bus drivers deployed on three types of buses; standard buses, articulated buses and double deck buses. These buses are characterized by several features including the high security & safety levels, advanced engine technologies, and offering comfortable as well as roomy space onboard in addition to being imported from the best manufactures worldwide.

Drivers of these buses are committed to the arrival timing to stations and bus stops, and the buses are linked with a remote Operations Control Center fitted with latest technologies of the industry. Buses are subjected to regular maintenance programs at several dedicated bus depots constructed by the RTA in Dubai Emirate and fitted with cutting-edge maintenance equipment. More info