Public Transport Agency goes for enhanced display of public bus schedules, network and route maps



The Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently embarked on displaying enhanced designs of public bus schedules, network map and route map (single route) in Dubai Emirate. Under the new method, bus commuters will find it easier to read the timetables, review the network and check the route maps in a smooth and a handy manner.

Dubai Metro
Dubai Metro

According to Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of Public Transport Agency, the new schedules would be presented in an elegant fashion depicting a shift in the quality of services delivered to bus commuters in the Emirate.

“The work teams of the Public Transport Agency have recently embarked on the installation of new bus schedules in all air-conditioned bus shelters and main stations. It has also provided the bus network map and bus route map (single route) at the main stations, metro stations as well as RTA Customer Service Centers. These maps will display all public bus routes together with the geographical landmarks and reference points in the Emirate,” said Al Dosari.

“Through these maps, the user can establish his or her whereabouts, and identify the routes serving the intended destination. This map is divided into three main sections. The first one represents the entire bus routes in Dubai, the second one represents the routes passing through the point in which the user is available, and the third one describes the key geographical locations in the neighbourhood of the destination point of the user in the shape of 3D images of all landmarks located within a 500- meter radius. This step has been taken following field studies and surveys and review of the best global practices in this field,” continued the CEO of Public Transport Agency.

Al Dosari stated that the Bus Route Map (single route) comprises the starting point, arrival point, interval between services (headway), starting time of the first / last service, and the locations of bus stops throughout the path of that route.