Public Transport Agency graduate 544 drivers



The Drivers Affairs Dep’t, Public Transport Agency at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has made several milestones in the training of RTA public bus drivers as well as school bus drivers, besides grooming and testing the drivers of franchise companies and deluxe coach service.

The Director of Drivers Affairs, Public Transport Agency Mansour Al Falasi said: “The Dep’t has qualified 544 drivers and graduated them as transport ambassadors after being subjected to an intensive Transit Ambassador Program comprising six key aspects that include: customer service, communicative skills, dealing with special needs passengers, complaints and potential opportunities, handling of critical situations, and coping with various pressing and extreme circumstances.

“From inception, the Dep’t initiated effective strategies and developed ambitious work plans which were culminated in a series of successes and achievements and some of them had already been realized last year; which were of benefit to the Dep’t in hatching 2011 plans and identifying a number of priorities to be achieved this year.

“The Dep’t has also issued 3609 school driving permits after subjecting this number of bus drivers to educational courses, finalized the fixing of test appointment date, carried out the renewal and issue of permits in replacement of lost or damaged ones online and the system is geared for commissioning by the first quarter of this year, and distributing educative books to drivers at various stations in addition to other services.

“RTA is keen on providing safe and smooth driving to drivers as safety is critically vital for protecting passengers of RTA public buses. Equally important is the transportation of students lifted on board buses with specifications set in line with the school bus law published by the RTA and endorsed by the Executive Council of Dubai,” said the Director of Drivers Affairs, Public Transport Agency Mansour Al Falasi in a final remark.