Public Transport Agency honours Rixos The Palm Dubai



The Marine Transport Dep’t at the Public Transport Agency of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) always seeks to broaden and enhance the marine transit lines and link them with other mass transit means to prop up the public transport network in the Emirate which includes the metro and public busses in addition to the water transport means with the aim of providing an integrated transit system for the service of all community segments.

Dubai Water taxi
Dubai Water taxi

Essa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency, said: “Among the key success factors of any project, however big or small, is the concerted efforts of various parties. We, in the RTA, are very keen on involving the private sector in implementing our initiatives, and bolstering the services we offer to the users of mass transit systems in Dubai Emirate.

“The marine transit modes play a crucial role in enhancing the tourist movement in Dubai, particularly in cooperation with hotels privileged by a sea view. Thus the cooperation between the public and private sectors in this area is vital for supporting the tourist-oriented public transit means which serve a wide segment of visitors, tourists and residents alike.

“Among the hotels that have been engaged in a fruitful cooperation with the public Transport Agency is Rixos The Palm Dubai; which is situated in The Palm Jumeirah, where the hotel management designated a wharf on which a Water Taxi station was built,” stated the CEO of Public Transport Agency.

Al Dosari praised this constructive step and cooperation between the Public Transport Agency and Rixos The Palm Dubai considering it a blueprint for broadening the scope of bilateral cooperation towards enhancing the tourist profile of the Dubai Emirate, and supporting the local tourist industry with a safe, speedy and luxurious marine transport, especially during the busy tourist season; which is marked by an influx of tourists & visitors to Dubai Emirate.

To recognize this role played by the Hotel in realizing this objective, the Public Transport Agency honoured the Hotel management in a meeting held of late in the Hotel in the presence of the CEO of Public Transport Agency Essa Al Dossari, and the General Manager of the Rixos The Palm Dubai, Erol Sezer, in addition to several directors & staff from the Public Transport Agency and the Hotel.

“The RTA is keen on involving private organizations in the implementation of several projects & initiatives with the aim of achieving positive results for customers of both parties through sharing expertise & information and working in a team spirit based on transparency, cooperation and high professionalism,” said Al Dossari in final remark.

For his part the General Manager of Rixos The Palm Dubai, Erol Sezer expressed his deep delight with this felicitation by the Public Transport Agency. Meanwhile he commended the projects achieved or currently undertaken by the Public transport Agency for serving public transport commuters in Dubai Emirate, including passengers of marine transit modes.

“We, in Rixos The Palm Dubai are working on broadening and boosting our cooperative links with the RTA represented by the Public Transport Agency with a view to nurturing a common business environment that offers best services to visitors of our hotel and users of the Water Taxi in general. Through the concerted efforts of both parties, we will be able to deliver on our objectives,” said Sezer.

Among the objectives sought by the Public Transport Agency and Rixos The Palm Dubai is to bring about mutual benefits through chalking out the scope and framework of the partnership relations between the two parties, making joint efforts for improving the performance of marine transit services with greater emphasis on raising the efficiency of the Water Taxi and Ferry Dubai services, and promoting the marine transit services inside the hotel.

Among the goals served by this Agreement is Goal No (3): Customers First; which requires heeding to the demands of customers and raising their satisfaction rating with the mass transit services in the Emirate, Goal No (4); which relates to promoting the use of mass transit means and augmenting the number of users of these means, and Goal No (6); which relates to the financial sustainability through increased revenues of the Water Taxi, optimal utilization of assets, and enhanced interaction between the public & private sectors.

Other initiatives will also be made to involve the largest possible number of hotels that have sea fronts in Dubai in a step that aims to boost the culture of public transport and linking the public transport network in the Emirate with the neighbouring hotels as well as those in the downtown.

At the end of the meeting, the CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency Abdul Rahman Al Dossari presented to the General Manager of the Rixos The Palm Dubai Erol Sezer a RTA trophy as well as Certificates of Commendation to the staff of the Hotel who contributed to realizing the objective. The move signals recognition and appreciation on the part of the RTA for the hotel management & staff; lauding their continued efforts in boosting the Water Taxi services. More info