Public Transport Agency meets vendors, attends to feedbacks on services & facilities



The Public Transport Agency at Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has recently organized at RTA new Head Office a gathering for its vendors representing a wide spectrum of service & commercial sectors, with the aim of broadening the joint cooperation, boosting mutual relations, and opening up new communication channels between the two parties.

1In a speech marking the occasion, Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of Public Transport Agency, highlighted the deeply rooted mutual relationships linking Public Transport Agency with its strategic partners and stressed the importance of these relations in broadening and upgrading the services rendered by the Agency to the users of public buses in a way that befits the reputable standing of Dubai Emirate as a regional economic hub and a point of attraction for investors and business leaders from various countries.

“Thank you all for expressing readiness and renewing support to RTA efforts aiming at figuring out solutions and developing programs capable of upgrading & boosting public transport network in Dubai Emirate, and helping the integration of this vital sector. This is manifested in several strategic initiatives, which we all hope to see them meet their objectives and add to the impressive record of achievements made by Dubai in all sectors & levels, even under the stringent economic conditions currently experienced by the whole universe” noted Al Dosari.

“This gathering is a great opportunity for meeting our partners among vendors and at the same time a splendid opportunity for vendors themselves to meet and acquaint with each other. So it is a nice opportunity for all of us to work in a team spirit in diagnosing the difficulties encountered and how to overcome them, besides boosting our existing strategic relationships, and realizing our common objectives in a way that meet satisfaction of all parties” added Al Dosari.

The gathering was attended by the Director of Contracts & Purchasing Dep’t at RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector Saeed Al Murri. It was also attended by several key executives of Public Transport Agency, namely: the Director of Bus Dep’t Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, Director of Planning & Business Development Dep’t Mohammed Abu Bakr Al Hashimi, Director of Franchise & Enforcement Dep’t Mansour Al Falasi, Director of Fleet Drivers Affairs Dep’t Mohammed Hamad bin Fahad, Director of Transport System Dep’t Yousef Al Madani, and Director of Maintenance & Services Dep’t Salim Abdul Rahman Al Salih.

For their part the vendors hailed the continuous efforts made by Public Transport Agency and the privileges accorded to them at various facilities & installations of Public Transport Agency. They made several comments and expressed opinion in certain matters related to the work mechanism between the two parties and how to improve and advance them.