Public Transport Agency reschedules bus routes in Ramadan



The Public Transport Agency, Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) announced that it will carry out a series of positive changes & rescheduling of its services across Dubai from the beginning up to the end of the holy month of Ramadan. The move aims at providing better services to commuters of public buses during this period and enabling them smooth and speedy access to their intended destinations.

“Public Transport Agency is very keen on boosting its services to cope with the demand for public bus service in Dubai Emirate to cope with the religious events, official holidays and Eids, and keep pace with the phenomenal growth witnessed by the UAE in general and Dubai Emirate in particular in all fields; which will ultimately contribute to cementing the standing of the Emirate as a regional commercial and economic hub, and a point of attraction for investors, business leaders, visitors and tourists from all over the globe,” said Essa Abdul Rahman Al Dossari CEO of Public Transport Agency.

Commenting on these changes, Al Dossari said: “As of the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, we will intensify the number of metro feeder buses by extending the operational time of this service up to 01.00 am (after midnight); which will enable public bus commuters benefit from the additional operational hours of the metro & bus service after Iftar and Taraweeh prayers. Moreover, the frequency of journeys will also be enhanced for all public bus routes in the Emirate”.

Additionally, Route (F50), a metro station feeder service, will be rerouted to Bus Depot (B) at Al Awir, and the path of Route (61), a domestic route (see the attached map showing the intended revision) will also be changed. In the same context, the Agency will extend the operational hours of Inter-City bus services to late night hours during the holy month of Ramadan.