Qatar Government Officials to Review AVEC "Solar Sun SystemsTM"



AVEC Corporation announced today it has accepted an invitation to present its new “Solar Sun Systems™” to Qatar Government Officials on May 21, 2011. Three hundred VIPs are invited to the technical review and integration plan of these breakthrough solar powered lighting systems.

AVEC CorporationThe Qatar Government has committed USD 100 Billion on infrastructure and upgrades in order to accommodate its growing needs. The plan includes a USD25 billion metro and rail network as well as new housing cities, which are mega projects, all of which require new lighting systems.

AVEC “Solar Sun Systems™” are 40 % less expensive in total cost than existing standard electricity powered units and of course need no fuel or maintenance over the same 20 years effective life.

Samuel Higgins AVEC Chairman stated most “Green Energy” projects require government subsidies to be profitable but our unique systems are good for the bottom line from day one and have no Carbon footprint or CO2 released into the air establishing any development project using them as a “Good Green Energy” development.

One example of these projects is Lusail City, a 37 kilometer new City of The Future

Qatar GDP real growth rate is expected to be 20 % in 2011 according to the IMF (International Monetary Fund). In a new report on the Gulf state, the IMF said Qatar had “weathered the global financial crisis exceptionally well.”

The sizeable enhancement of liquefied natural gas (LNG) capacity, large government support to the banking system, and increase in public spending helped sustain high growth rates through the global crisis, the report added.

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