Qatar Rail office at Doha Municipality to provide hassle-free services



DOHA: Aiming at providing speedier and hassle-free services to people affected by the ongoing Doha Metro project, Qatar Rail has opened an office at the Buildings Permit Compound at Doha Municipality.

The new office aims at facilitating all procedures for developing properties located within Qatar Rail’s projects by establishing effective coordination and easy access to the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, said a press statement yesterday.

“Qatar Rail opened this office to facilitate work flow and save time for people.

“The office will provide people with services, explanations and answers to their queries, and facilitate procedures in relation with status and studies of the properties people want to develop and are located within the sites of Qatar Rail projects,” Saad Ahmed Al Muhanadi, CEO of Qatar Rail, said.

He said: “The office will facilitate services for citizens, residents and investors, and provide them with hassle-free services without them taking the trouble of visiting the headquarters of Qatar Rail.”

Engineer Hassan Ahmed Al Marwani, Director of Permits at Qatar Rail, said: “Since the opening of Qatar Rail Office at the buildings permit compound at Doha Municipality last November, we have noticed positive results as it facilitated and speeded up the procedures of buildings permits applications of the properties’ owners that are affected by the Metro project. More info

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